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" Calling Me Home - A Book of Nature Spirit", was a three year labour of love and was written as a compilation of the author's personal journey of self-discovery. It also serves as an illustrated expression of her intimate relationship with the natural world. Soon the book became the focus for the creation of a unique product line, a line that evolved from the words and wisdom contained within its pages. All the designs reflect the joy of nature. They also exemplify a value system that calls attention to the past as well as the present and a future with the hope of harmonious existence.

All of our creations are designed with uniqueness and quality. They are each hand-crafted by members of our Calling Me Home Team. The final result is a distinctive, hand-constructed artifact that captures a unique reflective reverence to Mother Earth and the world of nature.

Come and visit us at our booth at a variety of Pow Wow's and craft shows throughout Southern Ontario. Browse our website for an illustrated description of the ways we can brighten your day. Learn more about what we do best.  Each request is individual and customized. Every order is handled with the quality and care with which all our products are created.

We look forward to gifting a little joy to your day.

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