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Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the animal world. Learn how to live symbiotically with animals and birds. Gain knowledge from them by studying their behaviours within the physical world around you.

All of our nature spirit stones are hand designed and painted. Each represents a specific set of characteristics and has meaning in nature. For a brief description of the symbolism and significance of each creature, click on the links below.

Cost: $ 2.00 to $ 5.00 Canadian funds plus shipping & applicable taxes. All stones are individually priced. Come and see us at Pow Wow's and craft shows or contact us for more information regarding the availability of spirit stones.

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 Spirit Animals

Awakening the power of the unconscious. courage to live with an open heart. Protective. Introspective.
Builder of dreams. The doer. Strong essence of family & home. Industrious, teamwork.

Holding sacred the ancient wisdom, gratitude. Abundance through right action & prayer. Honour the pathway of others, purposeful action. Providing through sacrifice. Sharing with others.

Transmutation and the dance of joy. Colourful visionary. Change. Metamorphasis.

The keeper of memories. Exterior hues from deep inside, shield and protect. Unquestioning intuition, friendly and strong. Recognize the truth within. The quiet peacekeeper.
Magical mischief, prankster, trickster. Wisdom & folly (humour of the ages). Paradox, survivor, resourceful, sneaky.
Independence, longevity. Creation through focus.
Power of humility, gentleness, innocence, sensitivity. Gentleness to touch the hearts of those wounded. Willingly give of self, sacrificial. Gentle luring to new adventure.
Compassion to relieve suffering. Power of breath and sound. Teaches how to use life-manna through breathing. Communication, answers to the mysteries of life. Instinctive & inspiring leader. Intuitive, telepathic with those close.
Illusion, power of light, vision, beauty & colour. Winds of change, messages of wisdom & enlightenment. Guided path of transformation.
Nobility, sacred. Illumination of spirit, healing, creation. Opportunity to soar, broadening sense of self. Follow the joy of the heart.
Mental speed, agility and grace. Ancient history and an aura of mystery in regard to their speed and grace in hunting. Awakens a quick and agile mind. Great speed and precision of movement. Teach us when to act and when to not.
Self-reflection,. self-reliance, self-realization. Strength to stand alone. Patience. Aggressive self-determination.
Reclaiming ones true power. Symbol of ferocity and valor and is aggressive. Solitary. Quiet, graceful & agile. Greatest power in silence. First and the fastest to respond to situations. Great binocular vision. Spirit if imminent rebirth.
Lucid dreaming & re-awakening of old hopes, wishes & dreams. Opportunity to make them happen. Pay attention to your dreams. Awaken the imagination. Teach of new states of consciousness. The call of the loon stirs the primal embers.
Self-esteem, the power of recognizing wisdom & worthiness. Survival, headstrong, primal feminine energies.
Joy, playfulness, sharing, laughter, curious, adventuresome, active, non-judgmental, generous support. Woman medicine (female energy).
Instrospection, silent wisdom. Deception. Mystery of magic, omens and vision.
Wonder through innocence. Fertility, new life (body, mind & heart). Fear, powerful defense mechanisms, readily shift plans.
Gift of intelligence, cleverness. Indecisive, attracted to shiny things. Magic, shapeshifting, creation, law. Gateway to the supernatural.
The vision keeper. Wisdom, inner knowing. Love of learning. Determination to finish what you begin. Always return to the place of creation.
Creativity, weaving of fate. Represents the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel (8 legs). Symbol of infinite possibilities of creation.
Awakening true beauty & the power of self. Grace, easily glide through the waters of change. Physically and spiritually powerful yet appearance is meek and passive. Trust in intuition.
Patience, Mother Earth, longevity, motherhood, cautious, inner creative force. Depth of understanding & compassion. Honour inner feelings.
Integrity to self. Loyalty to family. Perseverance. Commitment to community. Guardian, teacher, spirit, ritual, prowler.
Medicine Wheel
The medicine wheel represents all of creation, all races of people, animals, birds, fish, insects, trees, and stones, the sun, moon and earth are in the circle of the medicine wheel. The circle is all of the cycles of nature, day and night, seasons, moons, life cycles, and orbits of the moon and planets. The elements are earth, wind, fire and water and the four directions, east, south, west and north.
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