Calling Me Home Nature Spirit Three Dimensional Decoupage
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Our nature spirit three-dimensional decoupage is unique in that all of the designs and verses are based upon the words and natural images created in "Calling Me Home - A Book of Nature Spirit". This creative medium allows the artist to produce a life like representation in cut paper art form. The numerous dimensions of layered feathering allows the images to come to life. The pictures come in two sizes, 5x7 and 8x10. Each picture is framed in a shadow box that accommodates the realistic multi-dimensional presentation. Each print is hand-crafted and is a one of a kind art piece.  Custom designs are also available upon request.

Cost:   5x7 pictures are $ 25.00 Canadian funds plus shipping & applicable taxes.
           8x10 pictures are $ 125.00 Canadian funds plus shipping & applicable taxes.
           Custom designs will be individually priced.
           To place an order, please contact us by email, fax or phone.
Click on the image to view an enlargement

Bears 5x7

Cardinal 5x7

Osprey  5x7

Eagle 1  5x7

Eagle 2  5x7

Golden Eagle  5x7

Great Blue Heron  5x7

Wolf  5x7

Blue Jay  5x7

Butterflies  5x7

Horses  5x7

Karner Blue Butterflies 5x7

Osprey 2  5x7

Osprey 3  5x7

Owl  5x7

Woodpecker  5x7

Buffalo  5x7

Eagle Head  5x7

Eagle in Flight  5x7

Fox  5x7

Hawk  5x7

Heron 2  5x7

Raven  5x7

White Raven  5x7

Sisters  5x7

Heron 3  5x7

Gyro Falcon  5x7

Monarchs 5x7

Jaguar  5x7

Swans  5x7

Blue Heron  8x10

Monarchs  8x10
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