Calling Me Home - A Book of Nature Spirit
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Donna Boadway (Washo)
       Have you ever gazed at moving, ever changing clouds through a kaleidoscope of leaves and drifted away to a place far beyond? Have you ever watched crystals of light from the aura of a rising moon, as they dance across the waters, absorbing the peaceful sounds as the waves lap the shoreline? The cry of the wild, the whispers in the wind, the rustling of leaves in the forest, a quiet summer morning or a blustery winter day - all may entice you to ask "Why am I here at this place in time?"    
    "Calling Me Home" is a book of original natural verses, written to soothe the soul and lift the spirit. The poems are complimented by the author's full-colour graphic images and photographs. The pictures painted here will challenge the thought process, invoke recognition, initiate inspiration, and gift a little peace to your day. Her symbiotically intimate relationship with nature, forms the basis upon which she lives and writes.
       It is with great enthusiasm that "Calling Me Home" is presented here in its entirety. Several of her poems have appeared in written and audio publications. This book is on the curriculum reference list for the Durham District School Board Aboriginal Education program. Washo enjoys doing exhibits, presentations and readings for celebration gatherings, special educational events, literacy nights and teaching symposiums.
     May you enjoy reading the words within and capturing the spirit in the written voices. May you follow your dreams and may life be filled with the beauty, love and purposeful understanding of the natural world. Live in peace and oneness with all living beings.
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